Types of Accounting Vouchers in Tally

Types of Vouchers

Tally is pre-programmed with a variety of accounting vouchers, each designed to perform a different job.

The standard vouchers are:

1. Payment Voucher

2. Receipt Voucher

3. Contra Voucher

4. Sales voucher

Sales Orders
Sales Vouchers/Invoices
Delivery Notes
Rejection In

5. Purchase Voucher

Purchase Orders
Purchase Vouchers
Goods Receipt Notes
Rejection Out

6. Journal Voucher

Credit Notes
Debit Notes
Memo Voucher
Reversing Journal
Stock Journal
Physical Stock

You can alter these vouchers to suit your requirement and also create new vouchers.
For example, if you wish to distinguish between cash and bank payments you can create vouchers to do this.

The function of each voucher type is explained.


F4 --> Contra Entry
F5 --> Payment Entry
F6 --> Receipt Entry
F7 --> Journal Entry
F8 --> Sales Entry
F9 --> Purchase Entry