Gateway of Tally Screen (Accounts only) Company Features In Tally ERP9

The Gateway of Tally menu of an Accounts with Inventory company appears as:

The Gateway of Tally screen is separated into four sections - Title Area, Main Area (Ctrl + M) Calculator Area (Ctrl + N) and the button bar.

Title Area
  • In Screen Top of the Title Area gives information of 
  • In center Tally software Title:- Tally
  • Left-hand side:-Tally
  • Right-hand side:-Tally package name:- TallyGold Multi-user Or TallySilver
Main Area

The left-hand side of the Main Area gives information of

left-hand side

  • Current Period
  • Current Date
  • List of selected company
Right-hand side
  • Masters- For creation of Accounting Masters & Inventory Masters.
  • Transactions- For creation of Accounting Vouchers & Inventory Vouchers.
  • Report- For Viewing & Printing all financial and Inventory reports.

Button Bar

The button bar area on the screen right-hand side. Display the following buttons (Keys).

  • Help(Alt-H)-To Access Tally's online help.
  • F1: Shut Cmp - To shut Or Close company.
  • F2: Period- To change the period Or Date.
  • F3: Com Info- To access the company Information
  • F11: Configure- To access the configuration settings
Calculator Area- To Calculate the quick mathematics transaction.