Payment Voucher Entry in Tally

All the payment made through Bank & cash.It is also used for fixed assets, purchase, dues to creditors, loans and advance given, payment of loans and advances given to you earlier.

Payment voucher

To create Payment voucher

For example, Paid salary of Rs.5000 and Furniture Exp.of Rs.4000 by cheque of SBI bank as on 03-04-2013

1. Go to Gateway of Tally
2. In Accounting Vouchers
3. Click on F5: Payment on the Button Bar or press F5.
Payment voucher screen open
Press F2 and change the date to 03-04-2013
In Account field select SBI Bank from the List of Ledger Accounts
Under Particulars select salary A/c
Enter Rs. 5000 in the Amount field (Enter)
Under Particulars select Furniture Exp.
Enter Rs. 4000 in the Amount field (Enter)
Type the Narration in narration field

Press Enter to accept and save.