How to Reconcile Bank Ledger in Tally ERP 9

What is BRS?

In accounting terminology BRS stands for Bank Reconciliation Statement. For example you make a payment by issuing a bank check to a party / supplier. What will happen to the check. The transaction will not reflect immediately in your bank. The party will first deposit the check on or after the date mentioned on the check. Then it will take further one-three days for the check to clear depending on the bank. But your voucher entry in Tally is on prior date. So your bank ledger in tally may be showing wrong balance, not the actual balance. You don't know what happened to the check. Whether it is cleared or not? After getting your bank statement you will make reconciliation entry. Thus you will get actual bank balance.

In Tally 9 there is an option to enter the bank date. Tally will show two balances in reconciliation statement. The Balance as per company books. And amount not reflected in Bank, and Balance as per Bank.

Whatever voucher entries you make (Payment/Receipt/Contra etc) will be reflected in Balance as per company books. For whatever vouchers you make BSR entry will be shown in Balance as per bank. The difference between the two is given as Amount not reflected in Bank.

We will see this with the following examples and screen shots.

Now will go to Display menu -> Accounts Books -> Ledger -> State bank of India. Then Click Reconcile button on the right-hand side. (Shortcut : F5).
Now the Balance as per company books is Rs. 1000
Amounts not reflected in Bank is Rs.1000
Balance as per Bank is Rs.0
I gave the check on 11.june.10. If the check clears on 13.june.10 I give that date under Bank Date column. Now the Bank account will tally

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