Use of Configuration In Tally ERP 9

Tally Configuration with INI file

Tally stores its configuration and startup details in Tally.INI, windows configuration file. You can edit the INI file to configure Tally to suit your environment.

Data = C:\Tally\Data

This tells Tally that you want to save data in “c:\Tally\Data\” Folder. You change this folder to other hard disk partition or even in network shared folders. It is not recommended to save data in C drive which commonly holds windows system files. In the event of corruption of C drive partition you will lose data. For network share give,

\\Computer Name\Share name

Default Companies = Yes

This will tell Tally that it should Load default companies on startup. If you want no companies to be loaded when you open Tally give ‘No’

Load = 10000

This will tell Tally which company to be load during startup. The number 10000 denotes first company. Companies have numbers 10001, 10002 and so on. You can load more than one company during startup. Give Load = 100001 to load the second company in the next line.

Color = Yes

If you don’t want color give Color = NoTally 9 will have black and white screen

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