Currencies (Multiple Currencies and Foreign Currency) in Tally

Normally you will need only one money, which is the currency of your country, called the Base Currency. 

Most of the transactions will be transacted in the base currency only. However, Multinational Companies, Exporter, Importer etc. may need to transact in other currencies also. Tally 9 provides to create as many currencies you need. You can transact in any currency.

You have to define attributes of the currency like currency symbol, formal name, number of decimal places, position of symbol in respect to the figure etc.

You can also enter daily buying & selling rate, on the basis of which the foreign currency transaction value is converted to Base currency for accounting purpose and the loss/gain due to exchange rate is auto computed.

You can enter transaction for more than one currency in one voucher. You can also enter the monetary figure in any currency in the voucher. Tally 9automatically recognizes the figure in the respective currency and converts into base currency accordingly.

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