Tally Payroll Tutorial Part III

Tally Payroll Tutorial Part III

In Tally Payroll Tutorial Part II you created required masters to create payroll vouchers. You were introduced to Payroll masters, how to create pay heads, Employees, Salary Details, Units, Attendance / Production Types. Now it is time to generate your first payroll. We will continue the case study

Given are the attendance / production details for the 4 employees for two different dates.

Date : 20-aug-2009

1. Sundar - 50 mtr production
2. Ponnusamy - 75 mtr production
3. Karthi – .5 days
4. Suresh – 1.0 days

Date : 21-aug-2009

1. Sundar - 65 mtr production
2. Ponnusamy - 60 mtr production
3. Karthi – 1.0 days
4. Suresh – 1.0 days

Got Payroll vouchers

Select Attendance button

Press F2 to change current Date to 20-aug-2009

Select Attendance Auto fill (CTRL + A)

Select ‘Pcs Rate Employee’ Group
Select ‘Cloth Produced’ Production Type
For Ponnnusamy Give 75 mtr and for sundar give 50 mtr and accept to save.

Attendance Voucher

Again select Attendance Auto fill
Select ‘Daily Wage employee’ Group
Select ‘Attendance’ as type
For Karthi give 0.5 days and Suresh Give 1 day and accept to save

Attendance Voucher

Similarly change date to 21-aug-2009 and give above values for that date

Now you have created 4 Attendance vouchers.

Now click Payroll button (CTRL + F4)

Click Payroll Auto fill (ALT + A)

From: 20-08-09
To: 21-08-09
Employee / Group: All Items
Pay Ledger: Cash (You can create Bank Ledger and select it)

Payroll voucher creation

Voila! Payroll is generated for all employees.
Accept and Save

Take a cup of coffee and relax!

We have learnt to create Basic Payroll. You can create any number of employees, Group them under any department / function like Accounts, Sales, Marketing, Security, Logistics, Stores anything you like. There are advanced concepts in Tally payroll like Gratuity, Advance, Bonus, and Reimbursement. First master the basic concepts of Tally 9 payroll and come to advanced topics. If you want to print payroll visit learn how to print Tally Payroll payslip in part IV of the tutorial

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