Voucher Types in Tally

By default Tally 9 provides 18 types of Vouchers (without counting payroll vouchers) for recording different natures of transactions. However, if you require further Voucher Types that function like the one of the existing type, you can create New Voucher Types and give different Voucher Numbering series.

The Voucher Type facility is great as you can make several alternates of each pre-fixed Voucher Type. For example, for Sales Voucher, it may be convenient to have several Voucher Types like Cash Sales, Credit Sales, Sales To Registered Dealers, Sales to Unregistered Dealers, Export Sales, etc. By creating separate voucher types for them, you can independently configure their numbering scheme, layout, etc.

Creating New Voucher Type

Select Create from the Voucher Types menu.

Name: Enter a name for your new Voucher Type.

Type of Voucher: Select the Type of Voucher from the List of Voucher Types. The Voucher you are creating will have similar functions that you select here.

Abbr.: Enter abbreviated short name for the new type of Voucher, preferably within 5 Characters.

Method of Numbering: Select from the list of Types of Numbering that displays following options:

  • Automatic
  • Manual
  • None
If you want to get system-generated numbering, select Automatic. On selection of this option, and giving Yes to Use advance Configuration? You will get the following prompts.

Starting Number: Give the Starting number you wish. By default 1.
Width of Numerical Part: Tally 9 on it’s own adjusts the width according to the number if you leave this field blank. To get aligned look in Reports, specify maximum width, e.g., 5

Prefill with Zero? Give Yes to fillup the numbers with zeros. No will leave the space blank.

For example if you give width 5 and the voucher number is 13 then it will be displayed and printed as:

You configure the Voucher Number to be reset at given intervals Daily, Monthly, Weekly, Yearly from the starting Number

You can give prefix or suffix to your Voucher. If you give ‘INV’ as prefix your voucher will be ‘INV00013’

Use Effective Dates for Voucher?

Give Yes if you want to enter Effective dates fro this type of Vouchers. You would opt for this if you have instances where a transaction under consideration for overdue / ageing analysis is recorded but will take effect from another date. If effective date is entered, the overdue/ageing will be considered from the effective date and not from voucher date.

Use Common Narration?
In a Voucher, you can enter multiple entries. If you want common narration for all the entries, set to Yes and No if you do not want common Narration.

Narrations for each entry?

If you want separate narration for each entry, set it to Yes, after each entry in Voucher, you will be prompted to enter narration for the entry. Give No if you don’t want separate narration for every entry.

Print after Saving Voucher?
If you want to print Voucher after saving, give Yes. You will require it for Sales Voucher / Payment Voucher.

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